Playing the Slot Machine, Sugar Trail

Playing the Sugar Trail Slot Machine for the First Time

Quickspin’s Sugar Trail is a delightful treat for those with a sweet taste and an appreciation for a layer of whimsical fun. With its five-reel, forty-payline focus on sugary treats, this game is sure to make dentists around the country grimace in unison. But does it provide a rush?

The Sugar Trail Slot Machine Game

The bright presentation of the Sugar Trail slot, with images that are as schmaltzy as can be, is bound to divide players. Yes, we are discussing a fantastical world were the landscape is littered with sugary treats such as huge ice cream cones, cupcakes, and clouds made of candy floss. Imagine a world where My Little Pony and the Care Bears have returned, only this time they’ve brought along some of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory decorations. If you can get past the game’s visuals, though, you’ll find that Sugar Trail really has a few interesting twists and turns. For example, the variation is rather small, so you may anticipate receiving a lot of use out of your purchase. And even if the rewards aren’t huge, you may still do rather well if lady luck is on your side. The bare minimum to take a bite out of this cherry is 40p. A sugar high of the highest kind costs no less than £100 every spin.

Sugar Trail Slot Game Symbols, Bonus Rounds, and Extras

All of Sugar Trail’s icons, with the exception of the low-value 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As, are in keeping with the game’s sugary theme. Wine gums, fruit pastilles, pink-striped humbugs, gold-wrapped candies, and some rocks are the five principal emblems. The wild sign is a mixed plate of these five. The game’s scatter symbols are represented by purple, green, and blue Gummy Bears, and they each activate a different bonus round. These extra features include:

Bonus Spins for Wild Candies

If the purple figure (the Gummy king) lands on reels one, two, and three, the Gummy King Bonus Game will begin. The number of free games, multipliers, and additional wilds that are initially available will be determined by a spin of the reels. Once the spins begin, King Gummy will toss in additional wilds from the side and the wilds will appear at random on each roll. If you manage to snag the ‘+1 Spin’ icon, you’ll be awarded a bonus spin.

Spins with a Sugar Lock

If the green characters (the queen of the Gummies) appear on reels two, three, and four, you’ll trigger the Sugar Lock Respins bonus. Just as previously, your initial position is determined by a spin of the reels. For the duration of the round, the wild symbols will remain immobile. There are additional ‘+1 Free’ spins available.

Bonus Suger Money

If the blue character (the prince of the Gummies?) appears on reels three, four, and five, you will trigger a simple mini-game in which you will spin the reel for cash and multipliers alone; free spins will not be a factor.

What We Think

Many players are likely to have a “Marmite” reaction to the Sugar Trail slot machine, meaning they will either like it or despise it. However, like a new sweetheart, it might hook you after only one taste and leave you wanting more.






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